What is Fadogia Agrestis?

Fadogia Agrestis

This article will provide you with all the information you require about this dietary supplement, including its various benefits and the most effective way to consume it. At Nutrition King, not only do we have all of the expert knowledge there is to have regarding supplements, but we also sell our very own supplements that we have developed ourselves.


Fadogia Agrestis

The Fadogia Agrestis is a tiny bush shrub native to various regions of Africa, including Nigeria and Ghana. Its distribution spans the continent. As a result of its historical application in its treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is also known by the English alternate name “Black Aphrodisiac”.

According to research, Fadogia agrestis is a source of different rhamnose-containing glycosides as well as 2,6-dimethyl-2(E),6(Z)-octadiene-1,8-diol . Additionally, Fadogia agrestis contains a variety of nutrient groups, such as alkaloids, saponins, anthraquinones, and flavonoids all of which contribute to a multitude of positive effects on one’s health. In addition, no steroid structures were found in any of the samples.

This plant has recently seen a surge in popularity due to recent speculation that it may also be able to boost testosterone levels and speed up the process of gaining muscle. Because Fadogia Agrestis is derived from natural plants, using it will not result in suppression or the negative effects of steroid use. As a result, consider using this supplement as a risk-free substitute for anabolic steroids.

The Health Advantages of Fadogia agrestis

To this point, we are aware of what Fadogia Agrestis is and the motivations behind its use. Is there any evidence in the scientific literature to back up the benefits that have been suggested? Let’s find out.

1. Does Fadogia Agrestis Increase Testosterone?

It has been hypothesised that a wide variety of natural plant substances can support testosterone health. In addition, there is a significant amount of anecdotal information available online that suggests that Fadogia Agrestis raises testosterone levels. However, at this time, the benefits of this supplement on increasing testosterone levels have only been researched in male albino rats.

These clinical studies show a positive association between the amount of Fadogia agrestis taken and the following increase in testosterone.

The results of the study demonstrate this dose-dependent rise in testosterone by stating that a twofold increase in testosterone was reported following 18 mg/kg of Fadogia Agrestis, and a sixfold increase was reported following 100 mg/kg. After only five days of using the supplement, these benefits were observed .

2. Does Fadogia Agrestis Improve Libido?

The traditional use of Fadogia Agrestis was to boost libido, and scientific evidence supports this claim. However, this plant is useful for so much more!

Additionally, it has been demonstrated that this extract improves sexual performance and conduct. It differs from other aphrodisiacs in that not only can it increase the number of sexual encounters, but it may also lengthen the duration of sexual encounters, a trait uncommon in natural libido enhancers that are now on the market.

When compared to control subjects, it was discovered that administering 100 mg/kg of Fadogia Agrestis caused an increase in intromission frequency of more than three times while also causing an increase in ejaculation delay of approximately 2.5 times .

The breadth and depth of these findings point to the fact that this plant is likely one of the most powerful natural libido boosters.

3. Does Fadogia Agrestis Help to Increase the Amount of Muscle You Have?

No direct clinical trials are being conducted at this time that tests the benefits of supplementation with Fadogia Agrestis on human body composition, strength, or muscle mass.

On the other hand, this supplement is recommended to raise testosterone levels. As a consequence, it might be able to raise levels of growth hormones and stimulate the growth of muscle.

4.What Dosage of Fadogia Agrestis Should I Administer?

There is no precise research on the dosage recommended for people; however, to experience the benefits of Fadogia agrestis, we suggest taking a supplement of 1000 milligrammes daily.

5.What is the proper way to take Fadogia agrestis?

We suggest that you take one gramme of Fadogia Agrestis every day for a period of four to eight weeks. Because of the ‘arousal’ component, this should only be used for performance-related purposes. It is equally effective when taken on an empty stomach or with food.

6.What could be potential risks associated with using Fadogia Agrestis, and is it safe to do so?

Male rats were used in a clinical study to evaluate the impact of Fadogia agrestis on various testicular indicators. According to the findings of this study, supplementation increased testicular weight for 28 days, regardless of the dosage.

Should You Embark Upon a Fadogia Agrestis Cycling Adventure?

We suggest taking Fadogia Agrestis for a period of four to eight weeks and then alternating times spent on and off the cycle. For instance, if you take this supplement for a total of eight weeks, you should wait at least as long before starting another cycle of taking it. Even when there is no proof that suppression has occurred, we advise you to give your body a break after two or three weeks.

How Much Time Does It Take Before Fadogia Agrestis Starts to Work?

Because Fadogia Agrestis does not include any stimulants, it does not provide quick effects like caffeine.

Most consumers report that they begin to feel the effects approximately two weeks after using the supplement. Before judging its success, we suggest giving it a try for at least three weeks.


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